Tundra Habitat Animals And Plants

Tundra Habitat Animals And Plants. The arctic tundra can be found in the northern parts of north america, europe, and asia. Below are some really neat facts about the arctic tundra!

Tundra Biome Interesting Info About its Plants and
Tundra Biome Interesting Info About its Plants and from www.pinterest.com

From the lack of lots of vegetation, some herbivores in the tundra have a hard time finding areas with a abundance of plants to eat during the winter. Some tundra fish have special adaptations, like the alaska blackfish, which produces a chemical that lowers the freezing point of the fluids in its cells. And each has its own way of adapting to the extreme climatic conditions.

Few plants can grow with this habitat's little sunlight and rain.

The winter is much longer than the summer in the tundra, and as. Pictures of the temperate deciduous forest Most birds and mammals only use the tundra as a summer home. A good example of an animal with special adaptations is the arctic fox.the arctic fox has short ears and a short, round body with a thick coat to minimize the amount of skin exposed to the frigid air.